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The “Great Australian Dream” hasn’t changed in over 200 years. It’s still as valid and relevant today as it was before the Settlement. The Dream: owning a piece of Australia where you can call “home” in any part of Australia. This is OUR REASON for “helping Aussies build a pathway to home ownership sooner”
Finance is what we do. And when you have done it for over 15 years, both as a Lender with the top leading Banks in Australia and as well as a Broker; you get better as a Finance specialist. 
At Ike. Finance, we love to assist our clients and to do the journey of achieving their dream of home ownership with them; because we realise that our client’s win; is our win; their joy and sense of achievement is also ours as well because we started the journey with them – unlike your BIG lenders that just see you as a number and move on to the next person. We thrive on building lasting relationships and in simplifying the process of obtaining finance.
What makes us different and unique is how we approach “helping Aussies build a pathway to home ownership sooner”.
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Our Value Propositions

The following are pillars around which we do business with our customers.

  • Our Customers Come First.

    No service is too small and or too big. Our customers are our number one priority because if our customers are happy, we know we have done an excellent job.

  • We Build Relationships

    Our Customers are our biggest asset. We will not write a loan that have no benefit for the customer. We believe our business thrives when we have earned the trust and confidence of our customers and therefore their business and loyalty.

  • We Do the Journey with You

    We communicate and keep our customers updated and informed about rates and other special offers that will be of benefit to you.

  • Acting in the Best Interest of the Customer



Being a solution-based finance company, means we endeavor to find a solution specific for your financial situation because we have access to over 30 Panel Lenders including non-Bank that provide lending solutions to our clients. At Ike. Finance, we look forward to working with you and assisting you, our clients with your residential and commercial loan needs.

Ike. Finance proudly follows the Responsible Lending Code of Conduct set by the NCCR Act. This requires that all registrants, licensees, and their representatives adhere to a range of specific conduct obligations relevant to responsible lending. You can find our Privacy and Internal Dispute Resolution Procedures under this link.

Best Interest Duty (BID)

The obligations are intended to improve outcomes for clients by legally requiring that mortgage brokers act in their client’s best interests and place their client’s interests before their own. What conduct satisfies the duty will depend on the individual circumstances in which credit assistance is provided to a client in relation to a credit contract. To meet your Best Interests Duty obligations, you should:

Gather information about your client, including information about what is important to them in obtaining a loan.

Make an individual assessment by:
considering a range of relevant products.

Identifying options available to that client from that range of relevant products.

Present information and recommendations

Reflecting your consideration of the range of options

Those options should be consistent with acting in the best interests of your client

Educate and equip your client to make an informed choice

Ask about your client – what are their:

• Goals

• Objectives

• Priorities

• Preferences

• And Circumstances

Their reasons for approaching you and what they are seeking to achieve.
Educate your client about:

• Lending

• Lenders

• Products

• Features

• And challenge them about what they need and want alongside their circumstances.
Assess your clients request and circumstances against their best interests.

Ask yourself whether what your client wants is they need. Is there a product which fits your client’s goals, objectives, priorities, preferences, and circumstances?

Ask yourself if you have any potential conflicts of interest and how you will prioritize your clients interests ahead of yours
Recommend products from a broad range of lenders based on substantiated benefits that are in the best interests of your client and explain the recommendation.

Ask yourself why have you recommended this lender, product, amount, structure, and interest rate ahead of others?
Record your discussions with your clients.

From asking about their circumstances, to the education and presentation of your recommendations.